Workplace Investigations

Investigations are challenging: that is why you need an expert. We are a leading investigative firm in Canada and are frequently retained by public sector and large private sector organizations to conduct complex investigations involving multiple respondents.

We have a particular expertise in conducting investigations for public sector employers including municipalities, federal and provincial public service entities, universities, colleges and school boards.

We apply our business acumen to the work of conducting investigations. In addition to a written report, we provide information to clients to help them identify means to increase productivity and improve the culture of their workplace.

In addition, we conduct summary investigations which involve targeted interviews with a few key individuals to determine an appropriate response to problematic behavior.

We are unique from other workplace investigators in that we help reconcile workplace relationships. We work with employees to foster healthy, productive working relationships either after an investigation is completed, or as a standalone service after a summary investigation.

We provide unparalleled depth and the ability to serve clients in both English and French to better serve the needs of Canada’s diverse workplaces.

We have conducted numerous investigations of issues such as:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Mobbing
  • Personal Harassment
  • Conflict of Interest and other Policy Violations
  • Whistleblower Complaints
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Dorian helped us respond to complex allegations of harassment against senior management and political staff from a number of employees. His report and recommendations helped us understand and contain a volatile situation and minimize our liability for potential human rights and constructive dismissal claims. It was a pleasure working with Dorian and we would highly recommend Persaud Employment Law for both investigations and investigation training.

- Executive Director, Public Sector Employer