Workplace Investigation Training

You are trained to manage harassment complaints. But what do you do when that situation explodes and you receive one written complaint with rumours that others will follow?

Don’t panic. Call the investigation experts at Persaud Employment Law and we’ll show you how to organize and execute an investigation that will stand up to scrutiny. We have unparalleled depth and expertise conducting investigations.

Investigation Training 101

Date: November 8 and 9 2021

Level: Introductory

Learn how to conduct an investigation that will stand up to scrutiny from receiving a complaint to completing the investigation report.

When you attend our training session, you receive ongoing support for your workplace investigations. Your organization can contact our firm and speak with a lawyer for up to an hour, at no cost, to help you trouble-shoot any difficulties you encounter during an investigation.

By the end of the course, you will know how to:

  • Identify when an investigation is necessary
  • Set up a formal investigation
  • Interview witnesses
  • Resolve credibility issues
  • Draft a comprehensive investigation report